Rep. Titus invites Adm. Huerta to Nevada to speak on Aviation

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Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) and Administer Huerta meet frequently in Washington. The Congresswoman sees the FAA leader at hearings of the House Transportation and Infrastructure’s Aviation subcommittee of which she is a member. Why is this busy executive traveling to Las Vegas to attend a meeting called by the Congresswoman?

Prior to getting to the substance, it is appropriate to note that Rep. Titus is highly qualified for her position. She has an undergraduate degree (William & Mary) in political science, a Master’s degree from Georgia and a PhD from Florida State. She was a professor at UNLV, teaching the subject of her degrees and then was elected to the Nevada State Senate. She knows the substance of her current occupant and generally that’s good.

She has inaugurated an Aviation Symposium on June 8, 2015 at the Atomic Testing Museum. She aptly noted that it is her intention to resurrect her state’s prominence in aviation which Se. Howard Cannon a four-term senator helped create. Sen. Cannon was a World War II pilot. He understood the importance of aviation to the Silver State. His leadership in the US Senate resulted in several bills being sponsor of several key aviation bills, including the historic 1978 Deregulation Act.

The Administrator, who actually is a Boy Scout leader, is not going to Las Vegas to gamble. He is the Administration’s prime, if not sole, advocate for NextGen. He also is at the lead of the FAA’s policy on drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems. He will likely use this platform to speak on the need for the upgrading of the national air traffic control system. Since Nevada is one of six sites designated for testing of UASs, he probably will further explain the FAA’s research about and policies on this burgeoning business.

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