Reconnecting with aviation’s history may renew appreciation for what we do

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ARTICLE: First Flight’s 109th Birthday


Compared to many other industries, aviation is relatively young. Many know people who were alive in 1903. Thus, it is important to refresh our knowledge of this moment from which our livelihood derives. The contemporary thinkers at the time of the Wright Brothers accepted as truth that man would never fly. When the bicycle manufacturers wrote to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Samuel Langley, and introduced their request for information, with the note that they were not crazy.

Now is a good time to reread the incredible scientific, engineering and design of these two inventors with little or no formal education in any of the relevant academic studies.

Another more detailed site is found here. NASA has produced a history framed in greater technical detail.

Finally, the enormity of their research and their exceptional competence as aircraft builders and pilots is being re-demonstrated by AIAA’s project.

Reading a few of these accounts may help rekindle the mystery of flight even in those whose have mastered all of the parameters of today’s incredibly advanced vehicles. By getting back in touch with our origins, perhaps our daily work will be addressed with more enthusiasm and feel less mundane. It is a special, inspiring business in which we have chosen to labor.

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