RAY VALEIKA moves to the big hangar in the sky

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Maintenance leader at Pan Am, Continental and Delta

Participated in/led FAA, ATA, NASA and other task forces

Judgment was revered by his peers

Ask the average, ordinary AMT who sets aviation maintenance safety standards; the reply, delivered with askance, would be “the FAA, you dummy.” The response from MX seasoned manager, or Director or SVP- maintenance would be “Ray Valeika” with a visual cue of incredulity. Forty years of leadership inside hangars, at ramp stations, in technical committees and during executive conferences (3 airlines and the FAA) provided the proving grounds for this well-deserved reputation. His analysis of issues went beyond the FARs to what made sense and was right,

His wisdom and judgment will be missed by all of his peers.

The Journal has benefitted from a number of Mr. Valeika’s articulate opinions (click on the images to open the original Valeika posts):




















May 24, 1942 – July 10, 2021, Marietta, Georgia



Mr. Valeika last served as Senior Vice President of TechOps for Delta Air Lines prior to his retirement in 2004.   Mr. Valeika launched the aircraft maintenance and repair initiative at Delta TechOps, one of the leading aircraft maintenance and repair organizations in the industry, where he directed a worldwide maintenance and engineering staff of more than 10,000 professionals and together maintained a fleet of nearly 700 aircraft.







During Mr. Valeika’s 40-year career, the industry came to recognize him as a leader of the aviation maintenance profession.  He led the maintenance operations at Continental Senior Vice President – Technical Operations, and Pan Am as Vice President – Maintenance and Engineering.. 

As a measure of the respect his colleagues, they selected Ray to chair numerous committees and provided leadership for many of the industry’s technological innovations Mr. Valeika served as chairman of the Air Transport Association (ATA) Aging Aircraft Task Force, which was responsible for developing supplement structural inspection programs.

Mr. Valeika has also served as General Chairman of the SAE Aerotech Congress & Exhibition for commercial aircraft, participated in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Research, Engineering and Development Committee (REDAC), Congressional Aeronautical Advisory Committee and NASA’s Aeronautics Space and Engineering Board (ASEB) and has chaired the Engineering Maintenance and Material Council of the ATA. In 1996, he was honored with the ATA’s Nuts and Bolts award for his leadership and achievement in advancing safety and quality standards in the commercial aviation industry.ATA NUTS AND BOLTS








 ATA “Nuts and Bolts” Award


In addition, Mr. Valeika was a member of the safety and reliability board for Carnival Cruise Lines and  served on the Boards of Directors of SR Technics, AerCap, Inc., and of Noranco Inc., a Tier I/II supplier of precision machined aerospace components and assemblies owned by MidOcean, and AerCap Inc.  Mr. Valeika was a MidOcean Management Affiliate from 2006 to 2014. Ray Valeika joined the ATL Executive Board in 2015

Mr. Valeika holds a BS degree in Aeronautical Engineering from St. Louis University, Parks College of Engineering. Aviation and Technology.
















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  1. Sandy Murdock | July 18, 2021 at 1:37 pm | Reply

    An impressive history of Ray is found in this obituary– so many dimensions to his characterhttps://www.mayeswarddobbins.com/obituaries/raymond-valeika/#!/Obituary

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