President’s GA User Fee is “Dead on Arrival”

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ARTICLE: Bolen Renounces Obama Budget As Another Attack On Business Aviation User Fees Again Included In FY2014 Budget


The President AGAIN has proposed a $100 a flight fee for each GA operation, as well as removal of the equipment depreciation on business aircraft. Though the President has been a user of non-commercial aircraft (see above), he continues to attack the use of these business tools as corporate luxury rather than as an efficient piece of equipment which keeps business persons, and politicians, in contact with their customers/constituents.

This is his second consecutive budget which included such a fee and the provision has been included in previous Republican Administration budgets. All have been overwhelmingly rejected.

This initiative looks to be DEAD ON ARRIVAL; 223 Members of the House of Representatives wrote to President Obama on April 5 (maybe the White House letter openers were on sequester?) to make clear that they are unalterably opposed to hurting the interests of GA manufacturers, operators, mechanics, etc. in their districts.

Note: some of the signatories are Democrats.

Note: 223 nay votes would defeat any such legislation in the House.

It seems odd to propose a tax which has a majority of the House in opposition, but perhaps it was intended as a statement.

Even with such an impressive roll call against, the GA community must continue to be vigilant.

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