Pilot Qualification Rulemaking transitions to Rule Implementing

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ARTICLE: FAA Boosts Aviation Safety with New Pilot Qualification Standards


Clearly Rep. Larsen was prescient in writing to Secretary Foxx urging that the FAA soon issue the upgrading of the pilot qualification standards. He was equally quick to praise the new head of the DoT for promulgation of the rules.

The above link is the FAA’s press release announcing its July 10 action. The first link in the opening paragraph provides a detailed explanation of the complexity of the FAA/DoT/OMB process. It also reiterates the theme of the long list of Congressional mandates; the legislative determination of a rule’s issuance impacts the timely completion of many other agency safety projects.

The Regional Airlines Association and ALPA have responded to the issuance. The carriers, which now have to find and qualify pilots who comply with the new standards, filed comments in the NPRM process explaining how difficult that will be.

The regulatory focus now turns from rulemaking to rule implementation. The president of RAA says that his members have expended considerable energy to be ready. Past statements made it clear that the burden created by these new standards is substantial.

The history of aviation safety is a long line of more exacting standards. The drive for better and safer operation compels such an ascending profile. As each new requirement is imposed, the higher threshold always seems daunting. The retrospective view of our regulatory record shows, thankfully, that the more rigorous rule is always met. Mr. Cohen’s statement that his Members are ready is encouraging and consistent with the chronicle aviation safety.

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