Part 91 Safety Perspective That is Valid for Everyone Involved in Aviation

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News Article: Magic Safety Mirror

Sometimes the important advancements are embodied in a concise statement of something obvious, but well said. Thanks, Dick Collins and Robert Goyer for expressing a discipline that is equally applicable to GA pilots, SVPs of maintenance, records clerks, POIs, flight attendants, safety, FAA inspectors and Administrators and all safety professionals. The critical concept is expressed so well in the referenced article that merits repeating;

“The ingenious secret to Richard’s little game was that the goal isn’t achieving perfection at all or even, directly, improving one’s performance. Instead, grading oneself is a way of constantly upgrading your expectations.”

Taking the time daily to reflect on what you did to enhance aviation safety and to assess how well you did is an expression of continuous quality assessment. The industry talks about SMS, but this personal exercise, when followed by everyone from senior executive to line personnel, is a most powerful approach to safety. All of the systematic safety enhancements, from computer systems to well designed records, pale in comparison to this Dick Collins mantra “how did I do today to seek aviation safety excellence” adopted by all of us?

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