LGA’s Namesake might want the Port Authority to save the Coyote

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Eleven Coyotes Invaded the PANYNJ Perimeter

Activists Want to Save Them

While it is tragic that 70,000 birds have been killed in order to prevent the reoccurrence of the Captain Sullenberger ‘s Miracle on the Hudson is a tragedy, but by most accounts, there are no known effective alternatives. The avian risk is not just focused on areas close to the airport; so a broader campaign is being employed.

lga coyote

On contrast, the same LaGuardia has other wildlife problems. A pack of eleven coyotes invaded the Port Authority’s perimeter. Eight have been caught and euthanized by the US Department of Agriculture.

According to animal activist Frank Vincenti there are now just three pups.

panynj coyotes

He has waited hours into the night outside the airport employee parking lot on Berrian Boulevard trying to save a family of coyotes. He has offered a solution: “I would just conveniently chase them to those points and have them go through the fence and go into the woods so they were out of public view.”

A Port Authority spokesperson said “public safety comes first…There have been multiple reports this week of coyotes threatening airport and Port Authority workers at an airport parking lot.”

It is easy to be critical from afar and without full knowledge of the facts, but it would seem humane to allow Mr. Vincenti to try to rescue the coyotes of LGA. The great progressive Republican, Fiorello La Guardia, for whom this airport is named, might prefer this kinder, gentler approach.

panynj coyotes


Animal Activists Clash With Port Authority Over Coyotes At LaGuardia Airport
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