Opinion Poll on Friday’s UAS Registration Recommendations

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The Administrator on November 3 convened Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration Task Force and gave them some specific guidance: Sec. Foxx had previously set November 20 as the date by which the Task Force had to submit its recommendations.

The internet is replete with suggestions of what this form of identifying drones should take—everything from nothing to a substantial. Not surprisingly, members of Congress were quick to submit their thoughts. [They wrote and voted on the FRMA legislation; it seems unfair to let them have a 2nd bit of the apple.]

Since Drone Nation has not been reluctant to express its position, we thought that it might be interesting to set up a poll on what Registration Requirements you think SHOULD be excluded from registration or prohibited from operating:

[poll id=”2″]

[poll id=”3″]

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[poll id=”6″]


If you have any ideas of your own or additional thoughts, please leave them in the comments box.

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4 Comments on "Opinion Poll on Friday’s UAS Registration Recommendations"

  1. the sports pilots license requirement should be dropped as a requirement for commercial use. Some form of training about airspace, flight safety, etc would be a reasonable requirement. Confirmation that the UAV pilot has an understanding of these issues could easily be demonstrated by testing conducted by a third party approved by the FAA.

  2. Thanks, Mike– your point about the exempted commercial operations is interesting. It raises whether the FAA deletes, amends or even add to the section 333 conditions after the final Part 107 is effective.

  3. Every Drone or model aircraft that is capable of damaging a manned aircraft should have a transponder installed. The transponder would identify the craft as a small aircraft. All other air traffic would know that the signal is from a model aircraft because of the reserved transponder frequency(s) allocated for model aircraft.
    No restrictions should be built into drones and model aircraft. If These new capable unmanned aircraft are to be used for search and rescue, forest fire detection, crop inspection and uses not even thought of yet, the industry has to grow unfettered by stifling regulations. There will always be rouge pilots who will break the rules. Building in all sorts of limits in the drones will not prevent this group of rouge
    pilots from building their own craft and doing what they want with their aircraft.
    The industry would better serve it’s customers by building quality machines that can be trusted not to fall out of the sky when used properly . Quality control has been a problem throughout the industry. This is where attention should be focused.

  4. This recreational UAS registration is ludicrous ! RC modelers have been operating much larger aircraft (fixed wing & helo) for years without any safety complications. Seems as though the “chicken little” mentality has overtaken & negatively influenced reality!

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