NTSB’s Hart is no longer “acting” and Dr. Dinh-Zarr is confirmed as a Member

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Thank you, Senate for FINALLY deleting the “Acting” from Christopher Hart’s title. His qualifications merited the unanimous vote which he received. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The same august body voted on the nomination for Tho Dinh-Zarr to increase the Board’s roster of Members to four. The President sent her name for confirmation in September, 2014. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) made the following statement about Ms. Dinh-Zarr (necessarily lengthy due to her long list of relevant experience and academic credentials):

“Dr. Dinh-Zarr currently holds the position of Director of the U.S. office of the FIA Foundation, an independent nonprofit charity based in the United Kingdom which supports activities that promote international road safety research and sustainable mobility. I have been informed that, prior to assuming her current role, Dr. Dinh-Zarr also served as the Foundation’s Road Safety Director from 2007-2014. Dr. Dinh-Zarr has extensive professional experience with traffic and highway safety issues, working previously as Director of North America’s Make Roads Safe Campaign for Global Road Safety, a scientist at the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, and as National Director of Traffic Safety Policy for the American Automobile Association.

I would like to highlight some of Dr. Dinh-Zarr’s connections to our shared home State of Texas–in particular, her education and work experience at some of our well-known academic and research institutions. … Dr. Dinh-Zarr earned both a Masters of Public Health and a Ph.D. in Health Policy and Injury Prevention from the University of Texas School of Public Health. She is a graduate of Rice University and worked as a Research Associate at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, TTI, widely recognized as one of the premier transportation research agencies in the country.”

Dr. Dinh-Zarr fills the vacancy recently created when Dr. Mark Rosekind was confirmed as Administrator of NHTSA. The new Board Member replenishes the Board’s highway safety expertise and its cadre of PHDs.

The NTSB will be better able to meet its mission with a Chairman and a new Member.

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