No Windows SST indicates Aviation Innovation to make this Vision a Reality?

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ARTICLE: New supersonic jet to ditch windows for display screens

Innovation in aviation involves tension between accepted industry wisdom and new untested approaches. Spike Aviation promises to build the airplane of the future. Its creativity is demonstrated in the above picture—no windows and instead thin television screens displaying the view generated by a number of small aperture cameras. The design is exciting from a visual perspective and even more explosive from an engineering standpoint (portals add weight, pose a structural challenge and add drag).

The team is young group of engineers (some still in college) with experience designing, building and certifying aircraft at Gulfstream, Eclipse, Epic, Airbus and Bombardier. Corporate SSTs development efforts have consumed a lot of seed capital and few have progressed beyond prototypes. Environmental considerations (noise), capital costs of the equipment (especially the operational expense/operational benefit ratio) and other factors have stopped past endeavors.

At a basic operating weight of 38,000 pounds the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet will be a Part 25 aircraft and will be subject to the rigorous standards of those certification standards. With a knowledgeable certification team and with some help from the new approach to airworthiness proof under Part 23 , this project may come to fruition.

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