NextGen Suffers Major Blow

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Victoria Cox, FAA Assistant Administrator for NextGen, Quietly Retires
A story originated by JDA Journal

020513dThe job of designing and implementing NextGen is a virtually impossible task. Identifying and integrating state-of-art technologies, creating a totally new navigation infrastructure, designing the computers and scopes which will facilitate a totally new concept of air traffic management (not control) while assuring that the users will gain efficiency from this system, buying new hardware and software that will deliver the safety benefits promised and doing all of that within budget and on schedule describes a mission not seen since Sisyphus.

Victoria Cox, FAA Assistant Administrator for NextGen, recently retired from FAA. Ms. Cox did an excellent job on all of those technical assignments. PLUS she had to report to the FAA Administrator as well as the OIG, Congress, A4A/AOPA/RAA/NBAA/AIA/GAMA, GAO, OST, ALPA, NATCA and the media. Unfortunately, the directions from those “stakeholders” were hardly consensus and often were conflicting.

There has been no public statement by the FAA or Ms. Cox; so there is little said about why she has retired. While we are not pleased to see such an able public servant leave, it is a special moment to thank her for all that she did in advancing the NextGen program.

The next challenge befalls on the Honorable Michael Huerta; he must find a replacement to follow Ms. Cox. The talents required for the job are suggested by the first two paragraphs.

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  1. Glad to see the Journal quoted bu AINOnline in announcing Victoria Cox’s replacement–

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