Next step towards an ICAO Agreement on Aviation Carbon Emissions?

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The drive to a global standard for carbon emissions by the aviation community has been a matter of great debate, general disapproval of the ETS proposal, some progress and some hope that eventually a reasonable program can be articulated. The below-linked article evidences a partnership which may facilitate a consensus.

First, it is useful to review recent developments: the US EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality issued an information paper on the technical aspects of the issue and the new US Ambassador to ICAO expressed optimism on the likelihood of reaching an agreement. Those both suggest that there may be some momentum toward achieving an agreement.

The history of this negotiation has been a dialogue among multiple parties—multiple countries (and regional organizations), a number of international environmental advocacy groups, several organizations speaking on behalf of the powerplant/airframe manufacturers and multiple user associations. Each contributed a slightly different perspective, set of goals and tactics; this spectrum of views did not facilitate an easy resolution of the contentious issues.

The first sign of narrowing of voices is the ICAO announcement at the UN Climate Summit that a partnership was being formed with the Air Transport Action Group to work toward some worldwide approach to reduce emissions generated by aviation. ATAG encompasses a large number of aviation concerns, but the following lead organizations signed the agreement—

· Airports Council International,

· Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation,

· International Air Transport Association,

· International Coordinating Council for Aerospace Industries Associations and

· International Business Aviation Council.

Having those elements of this industry speak with one voice will add to the likelihood of some consensus.

It is a long way to a final agreement, but this is a very positive announcement.

ARTICLE: Collaborative Aviation Climate Action Adopted

Agreement Reached Between ICAO, Air Transport Action Group

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