The new all-electric plane, Alice, will do almost all that the public wants

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Eviation announces its first commercial customer, Cape Air, for its all-electric airplane, Alice

All-electric aircraft quieter, greener and provides lower cost for regional flights

Cape Air’s Route Structure perfect for Alice’s design parameters

Certification by 2021 and Operation by 2022 stretch?

Today in a live streamed press conference from the Paris Air Show, Eviation Aircraft, a global manufacturer of all-electric aircraft, announced the first commercial customer for its all-electric Alice airplane, Cape Air. With a fleet of 92 nine-seater airplanes, Cape Air is one of the largest regional airlines in the U.S., and has a double-digit purchase option for Alice. It will incorporate Eviation’s Alice nine-seater planes into its existing fleet, offering flyers in the U.S. an unparalleled flying experience.

Today regional travel in the U.S. is on the rise, with an increase in consumers flying short distances between 50 to 650 miles. This growing segment offers the ideal scenario for Eviation’s all-electric Alice, which aims to undercut the cost of travel by making middle mile trips cheaper, faster and cleaner. The shift to electric will reduce operating costs, eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, make air travel more affordable and connect communities like never before.

With the goal of making regional air travel accessible for all, Eviation designed Alice to create a new flying experience for passengers that is cleaner, quieter and cost-effective. Inspired by the new design possibilities that emerged by replacing turbine engines with all-electric motors, Eviation and its team have reimagined what sleek, stylish and cost-effective air mobility can be with the introduction of the first zero-emission aircraft. Eviation’s Alice leverages an IP portfolio that includes innovations in thermal management and autonomous landing, as well as distributed electric propulsion, industry-leading battery technology and cutting-edge composite body frames, capable of flying with nine passengers at 240 knots to a range of up to 650 miles on a single charge.

Following test flights this year and certification in 2021, Eviation will begin shipping the aircraft for commercial use in 2022.


Marketing is the art and science of creating products needed by customers. Whoever matched the needs of Cape Air with the extraordinary, if unique, capabilities of Eviation’s Alice, is a marketing genius!!!

Dan Wolf, founder and CEO, has built a regional airline that flies perfectly in Alice’s battery range. Bringing lower costs to his passengers will transform Cape Air’s business model. Consumers have little attraction for the turboprop; its noise minimizes the inflight experience. A cheaper, quieter, more comfortable aircraft may well divert travelers from other modes of transport.

Cape Air also operates to/from airports with a low tolerance for noise and a high preference for the environment. Eviation’s innovation will eliminate aviation’s reliance on fossil fuels—a major victory for the Green Population. Alice will be the hero of Boston, Nantucket, Martha Vineyard, Florida and many other sensitive communities.

The goals of certification by 2021 and operation by 2022 are aggressive. The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel and the FAA have a good relationship, but the existing BASA will require substantial involvement by the US certification experts—especially in that this appears to be all electric-powered aircraft. Battery technology is one on the leading edge of aviation technology. Two years to complete all of the requisite steps may not be enough.

Once Alice comes to the United States, the operations of this aircraft will have to be reviewed by the FAA’s Flight Standards organization. Creating the first Operations Specification and all the manuals will demand considerable expertise by both the regulator and the regulated!!!






Once all of the predicates are completed, Alice will be welcomed!!!


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