NBAA, NATA and IBAC extend SMS to Fixed Base Operators

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The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) published an article in its September/October 2014 Business Aviation Insider about the creation of an Safety Management System tool to verify that Fixed Base Operators are compliant to that intense safety discipline. Much to its credit, AviationPros reprinted the story expanding the exposure of the article’s message. That’s good for the business aviation industry and FBOs.

The development of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling(IS-BAH) involved NBAA, the International Business Aviation Council and the National Air Transportation Association. The starting point was NATA’s Ground Audit Standard and then they incorporated IBAC ‘s existing audit format and procedures found in its International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). IS-BAH incorporates important measures of an standard-setting FBO’s safety culture, such as:

  • safety management,

  • organization and personnel,

  • training and proficiency (especially the NATA’s Safety 1st Training program elements)

  • facilities and ramp procedures,

  • defined policies and procedures,

  • risk management,

  • safety assurance and

  • safety promotion.

Business aviation operators cannot all go out and audit all of the FBOs which their aircraft might meet. IS-BAH provides a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for FBOs.

The article includes an excellent recitation of dollar rationales for subjecting your FBO to IS-BAH, but the most important motivator is safety. A set of insurance executives and safety experts are quoted endorsing this standard. For more information about this compelling criteria, go to, and NBAA’s aircraft insurance resources at

NBAA, NATA and IBAC should get great credit for driving the SMS concepts horizontally in business aviation and elevating the metric by which FBOs will be assessed. By further disseminating the IS-BAH concepts, AviationPros helps encourage relevant companies to comply with this more rigorous discipline. The news travels fast—an FBO, American Aero at Meacham International Airport in Fort Worth, Texas, announced that it is IS-BAH accredited.

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