NBAA delivers today a Podcast that provides Good Ideas as to how to Improve Cockpit Performance

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ARTICLE: ‘Behavioral Drift’ Threatens the Safety of Flight Operations


Pilot monitoring is a hot topic these days. NTSB Board members have lectured on the subject and industry has begun to research and develop techniques to use in the cockpit. The efforts to advance the knowledge of these critical safety functions are commendable and likely to produce tools for the men and women who manipulate the controls.

NBAA Safety Committee has produced for immediate use today a podcast on “behavioral drift.” Committee member and CitationAir Vice President for Safety Bill Grimes defined this new term as follows:

“In aviation, we all have a very defined set of procedures…These are designed to enhance predictability and reduce variability. But there are influences that cause us to drift away: Work-arounds, risk tolerance – a sense that what was an unacceptable risk is now acceptable. All that leads us to believe we’re in a safe place when we’re not…Although sometimes barely perceptible, deteriorating professionalism can affect all aspects of an aviation organization…As the established norms of an organization are eroded away, they’re replaced by work-arounds that eventually set new standards. People start cutting corners to get the job done.”

Sounds like excellent advice for PICs and SICs to improve their joint performance. This is an NBAA product for its members, but it appears as though all cockpit professionals

This association provides some of the best technical advice for its members and delivers valuable service on a real time basis.

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