NBAA at Orlando 10/21-23: so much great information about business aviation with a heavy emphasis on SAFETY

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Every year 25,000+ business aviation professionals, 1,000 product and service representatives and 100 or so aircraft converge on Orlando or Las Vegas. Once these elements arrive, they flock to a place which bears the banner of NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. This event is not an instinct driven migration, but is the work of Kathleen Blouin and her incredible staff. Why is this the preeminent business aviation show?

First, the people who come to the exhibition of this event bring their checkbooks to consider the purchase of all what is being shown. Many are prepared, and have the authority, to buy what the service and product representatives have to sell. Even if they do purchase during the three days (October 21-23 this year), the sellers collect a major stack of business cards, or what the sales lingo would denominate as qualified leads. If a business wants to determine what aircraft best meets its flight mission, it can walk around the floor and visit the static displays. At NBAA, the decision makers can efficiently comparison shop. It is a very active marketplace.

From an industry perspective, the floor of the exhibition hall periodically rings out major announcements. The manufacturers hold press conferences to unveil their newest bird. Major deals (suppliers to OEMs, major fleet acquisitions, international technology introductions, etc.) are scheduled throughout the event. The connections made during this aviation fest actually exceed those made at a speed dating meeting (there’s an App for that); there are several “networking” events.

Knowledge grows exponentially as the conventioneers attend the sessions. Speakers include the Governor of Delaware, Mary Matlin, James Carville, Enterprise Holdings CEO Andy Taylor and others from a long list of experts. On a more safety technical basis, the information disseminated would be equal to the content of a major university’s curriculum. Experts present on subjects from a long list of subjects encompassing professional development, to technical aspects of most every business aircraft type and model, to intense safety programs as well as the arcane, but incredibly important subject of tax, regulatory and risk management .

If that does not exhaust you, there is a golf tournament, some delightful night events and a charity auction and soiree with Three Dog Night.

So many dimensions of the business aviation sphere are covered in the three days. There is so much information flowing that merely by osmosis, one could leave Orlando with a wealth of valuable knowledge.

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