NATA Highlights LoBiondo and his Choice as Chair will bring Greater Attention to the FAA’s Tech Center’s Capabilities

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ARTICLE: NATA applauds selection of Red. LoBiondo as Chairman of aviation subcommittee


NATA, under its new leader, President and CEO Thomas L. Hendricks, has shown a level of energy and alacrity in voicing its opinion on a wide variety of technical and political issues. They should be commended for such industry initiative. The above-referenced article is not only apt political commentary, but it demonstrates a deeper recognition of the underlying benefits of now Chairman LoBiondo’ constituent knowledge of the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center.

The Tech Center is one of the Nation’s premier aviation research, development, test and evaluation facilities. Its world-class laboratories and top-notch engineering place it at the forefront of the FAA’s challenge to modernize the U.S. air transportation system.

The Center serves as the FAA’s national scientific test base for research and development, test and evaluation, and verification and validation in air traffic control, communications, navigation, airports, aircraft safety, and security. It is the primary facility supporting the nation’s Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen).

Its value to the national aviation community is not always understood by airlines, airports or even Administrators. Chairman LoBiondo will assure that this facility within his District gets its due attention.

The resources, human and physical, make this Atlantic City campus an important site for gaining FAA approval of a NextGen element, introducing new security equipment, seeking proof of an advance to airport safety or demonstrating the value of a new system to be included on an aircraft. No other FAA institution has the same capabilities.

Insight into the Tech Center’s organization, people, procedures and policies will assist a company seeking such FAA review. Experience in sheparding research or assessments will add to the likelihood of success in achieving your company’s goals.

With the succession of LoBiondo to the Subcommittee, there will be added emphasis on showing the work product of this organization.

As Chairman LoBiondo will know, the Tech Center holds great potential, but the fullest achievement of your desired results may benefit from knowledge of the most efficacious paths though this campus!

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