NAFI, for aviation safety’s sake, Heal Thyself

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ARTICLE: Several Tough Years Have Led To Significant Decline in NAFI Fortunes


This is a most unfortunate and untimely headline. The National Association of Flight Instructors should play an integral role in helping address the future pilot shortage. The collective wisdom of organizations that help train and develop the pool of pilot resources is critical.

How can the pilot training curriculum be updated to make the training more relevant and useful? Are there techniques which might decrease the cost of training while maintaining or increasing the “student” throughput? Does more simulator time or flight time result in more qualified cockpit crew? These and other critical questions need to be addressed and it is important that NAFI be a part of the solution.

NAFI, and in particular its members and partners, need to find a way to resolve the problems that are plaguing NAFI and help ensure it remains a strong organization and valuable industry resource.

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