Mesa Moves its E-175 through the Complex FAA Regulatory Maze

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PRESS RELEASE: Mesa Air Group Adds E175 to Certificate


Congratulations, Mesa for receiving FAA approval to add the Embraer -175 to its certificate. The carrier, which operates for three mainline airlines, previously had the CL-600 listed on its certificate. The adding of new, sophisticated equipment is a difficult task. The company’s Chairman and CEO announced February 15, 2013 an eleven person team to manage this complicated regulatory process.

Upon completion of this difficult task, Mr. Ornstein commended the team leader, Mike Ferverda, Senior Vice President of Aircraft

Programs, who in turn said:

“Our E175 certification program started more than 10 months ago and took team work, attention to detail and professionalism. In particular, I would like to recognize our E-Jet operational group leaders…for their outstanding effort”

The flight and maintenance manuals (new and revised); training programs for pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, Ops Control and ground personnel; as well as a myriad of changes throughout the company constituted a major corporate exercise requiring substantial human resources. Plus, all of these dimensions had to be integrated with the United Airlines for which these flights will be operated. The implementation was not just at headquarters but all of the airports at which they will be flown. It should be noted that the safety implications were paramount in this work.

The press release also acknowledged the assistance of the FAA. The review of all of the changes required considerable time by the CMO and the need to meet the timeline requirements under the United contract were also likely to have been stressful. The interactions necessitated and the coordination implied are more demanding than the normal workload of the FAA team.

Congratulations. Based on our work with other certificate holders in similar circumstances, this result suggests an excellent working relationship between Mesa and the Phoenix CMO.

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