May 8 overflight of the Warbirds of WWII will be awe-inspiring

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Starting at Friday May 8 at 12:10 p.m, a display of the historical aircraft which contributed to the World War II victory will commence a overflight starting at the Lincoln Monument and completing a pass of the entire National Mall. That date was selected for it is the 70th anniversary of the Allies Victory in Europe.

What will excite the aviation aficionados will be the inventory of aircraft on display. True to the event’s historic theme, Arsenal of Democracy Flyover, the formation will be organized by great battles of that conflict:

· Trainer Formation

· Pearl Harbor

· Doolittle Raid

· Guadalcanal Campaign

· Battle of Midway

· Yamamoto Shoot down

· Ploesti Raid

· and 8 more major air engagements.

The website includes spotter cards for the airplanes.

Credit should also go to the FAA and TSA for the issuance of the permissions needed to fly through P-56

This event will be much like a flying Air & Space Museum. The static displays in both of their buildings are inspiring and evocative of many memories of those who flew them. This live demonstration will be most instructional to our youth, who are not as aware of the courage which these pilots and crews exhibited flying for their country.

ARTICLE: FAA OKs Mega Flyover of National Mall on VE Day Anniversary

WWII planes to fly in historically sequenced formation over restricted air space for commemoration ceremonies.

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