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ARTICLE:  EASA certifies aircraft types under new LSA specifications
ARTICLE:  GAMA Welcomes EASA Certification of First Light Sport Aeroplanes


Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is a new aircraft certification category which holds great potential for growing general aviation and attracting new aviators that see the lower cost threshold as bringing down the entry barriers to aviation. The innovative certification standards portends well for growth in the GA community.

Both articles report that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certificated an LSA (pictured above). The significance of this action is highlighted by the General Aviation Manufacturer Association’s (GAMA) announcement lauding EASA for harmonizing with the FAA’s current criteria and for its ongoing, collaborative efforts with FAA to explore further improvements to the LSA certification requirements and rules. The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) published a list of over 60 LSAs for which the FAA has issued certificates (

EASA’s initiative is great news for a region that has an underwhelming GA community. The fact that GAMA applauds EASA’s action is very helpful and the EAA list provides ample opportunities to expand EASA’s list of certified LSAs.

LSA holds great potential for GA growth and for those who may need help, JDA can be of assistance ( even with these simplified procedures.

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