KLM and Boeing are making Green Practices a Present Aviation Contribution to the Environment

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ARTICLE: Being Bold


Returning to an oft cited website, Randy’s Journal, there is good news about aviation’s drive to be greener.

Randy Tinseth always provides great content about Boeing’s products and customers, but this post is based on the theme of “being bold” and starts with a link to Seattle’s native rock star Jimi Hendrix’s song “Bold as Love” (who says Boeing is stodgy?). From there, the story reverts to more of the engineering expertise for which the company is known and the environmental sensitivity that the company is aggressively developing.

The KLM B-777, pictured above, uses sustainable biofuels, and relies on other Boeing smart technologies and operating procedures to improve operational efficiency. That combination of innovative initiatives, most significantly, reduces fuel consumption and minimizes carbon and noise emissions. All of those factors led to the flight saving about 450 gallons. Among the sources for that benefit is the KLM flight crew’s use of Boeing’s Wind Updates service to design a course which minimized headwinds and yet optimized the routing.

KLM, Boeing’s Environment & Aviation Policy team and sustainable biofuel provider SkyNRG are collaborating on this new product. Their goal is to create a source of this greener jet fuel, with a production level which will lower its cost to commercial levels.

The special logo on the plane “We fly on biofuel” is a great advertisement of the special contribution of this plane to the well-being of Mother Earth. It might behoove the operator and Boeing to paint the engine nacelles green and announce to those on the ground, as this B-777 overflies them, that this aircraft is doing its best for the environment.

The KLM B-777’s environmental story is so impressive that maybe Randy should have used the music of Green Day for his post’s anthem, if there is a tune in their repertoire that is appropriate.

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