Reports of the dismissal of Taylor v. FAA appear to be premature

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Taylor v. FAA

The case of Taylor v. FAA , U.S.Court of Appeals DC Cir., Case No. 15-1495, has received much attention from Drone Nation. John Taylor, the petitioner, a drone builder and UAS operator, filed a petition for review of the FAA’s Interim Final Rule Registration and Marking for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. His appeal seeks an opinion of the court that the FAA’s promulgation of Part 48, on an interim final basis, was issued contrary to statutes and violated procedural requirements.

The proceedings are of great interest to those who fly drones and or model aircraft because their position is that the requirement of registration is overbearing. Since Mr. Taylor filed his petition, pro se, it has been widely reported that other attorneys have offered to help in this litigation.

The below article, the following is reported:

“In April, FAA lawyers convinced the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to dismiss the case, arguing TechFreedom and Taylor had missed the deadline to request a judicial review of the regulation. As a result of the court’s decision, Taylor and all other U.S. drone owners will continue to be required to obey the FAA regulations.”

[emphasis added]

There are a number of clerk’s orders on the case, but the docket does not include any decisions issued by the Court.

After consulting with two lawyers assisting on the case, no such opinion has been issued. The case is still active by all credible accounts. Stay tuned!


ARTICLE: Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Drone Regulations
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