Two Well-Earned Recognitions to Member John Goglia

john goglia
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John Goglia

Awarded Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award & Named Chairman of Board of PAMA

Maybe it was a subconscious campaign, but the virtues of John Goglia have been a frequent subject of this Journal:

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And this mention of John seems to have been prescient—The Charles E. Taylor Award Merits Greater Attention From The Public.

The former NTSB Member was the subject of one of our AeroBios.

Today’s AeroBio Is John Goglia

john goglia jda aerobio

john goglia airline aviation safetyJohn Goglia is former NTSB Board Member, with years as a mechanic for a number of airlines, currently an oracle on aviation safety on a number of different sites. His full resume is too long for this space; so you can read more here.

Q: Are you a pilot?
A: I learned to fly when I was fifteen but I have not flown in years. But I am an A&P mechanic. I got my “A” in 1963 and my “P” in 1964.

Q: What is the coolest airplane you have ever flown in?
A: The coolest airplane I ever flew in was the Shrike Commander with Bob Hoover – while he was showing me his aerobatic routine! Talk about a thrilling ride!

Q: Over the course of your career you have participated in a number of aviation safety projects. What do you consider to be the one project with the greatest safety impact?
A: Working on the aging wiring issues that came to the fore after TWA 800.

Q: What aviation websites (other than JDA Journal) do you most frequently visit?
A: Since starting my blog on Forbes (Planeworks, I spend a lot of time on my website responding to commenters.

Q:  What phrase or words of wisdom and the author do you cite most frequently in your aviation work?
A: “The absence of an accident doesn’t mean your operation is safe.” Jerome Lederer, aviation safety pioneer.

Q: Who is your favorite person in aviation history?
A: Charles Taylor, the Wright Brothers’ mechanic without whom the Wright Brothers would never have had their first flight.

Q: Which do you prefer the Paris Air Show or Oshkosh?
A: I like Oshkosh for the GA side and Paris for the heavy iron.

Q: What are you reading these days for fun?
A: Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher book, Never Go Back.

Q: What tunes are on your iPod playlist?
A: Everything from 60s oldies to hip hop.

Q: How do you spend your leisure moments?
A: Hanging out with family and friends, reading, traveling.

Half factitiously (the publication date was April, 1) but equally ½ seriously, the Journal nominated John Goglia to be the third former NTSB member to head the FAA JDA Associate Is Appointed AOA-1.1.

Given that paean of praise, the following two announcements are not surprising:

faa charles taylor master mechanic award john gogliaI. At Aviation Week’s MRO Americas, on April 28, the FAA bestowed its Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award, on Mr. Goglia.

As defined in FAA/FS-I-8700-3 (Rev.3), it is “the most prestigious award the FAA issues to persons certificated under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 65. This award is named after Charles Taylor, the first aircraft mechanic, to recognize individuals who have exhibited professionalism, skill, and aviation expertise for at least 50 years in the aircraft maintenance profession as ‘master mechanics.’”

II. Monday, May 01, 2017, the Board of Professional Aviation Maintenance Association named John as its Chairman.


pama professional aviation maintenance association john goglia

Its press release did an excellent job of summarizing the reasons for John’s selection:

john goglia ntsb“’PAMA’s Board is deeply committed to providing aviation maintenance technicians with the tools and support needed to ensure a strong aviation infrastructure for our nation,’ said past PAMA Chairman Roger Sickler.  ‘PAMA will be well served with John managing the day-to-day operations of the association, building upon the services and benefits we offer our members and the industry.’

Goglia (pictured) was the first and only airframe and powerplant mechanic to receive a presidential appointment to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), serving from August 1995 to June 2004. He played a key role in focusing international attention on the increasing significance of aircraft maintenance in aviation accidents. With more than 40 years’ experience in the aviation industry, Goglia is a sought-out speaker and author.

Goglia is the recipient of Aviation Week & Space Technology coveted 2004 Laurel for his outstanding service as an NTSB Board member. In 2003, the Society of Automotive Engineers presented him with the Aerospace Chair Award for outstanding leadership, and in 2002, the Marvin Whitlock Award for outstanding management accomplishment.

For most of his career Goglia has advocated on behalf of, and demanded professionalism from, the aviation maintenance workforce. He sees the chairmanship as an opportunity to further those efforts: ‘Every mechanic needs a voice on the issues, subjects, things that affect their life and career. PAMA is that voice for many mechanics. I look forward to helping guide the association’s path to ensure aviation maintenance technicians are heard on things that are important to them.’

PAMA’s by-laws underline how Member Goglia’s Chairmanship will magnify the association’s presence in Washington and will stimulate its membership:

The purpose of this association is to promote a high degree of professionalism among aviation maintenance personnel; to foster and improve methods, skills, learning, and achievement in the field of Aviation Maintenance; to conduct national, state, and local meetings and seminars; to recognize achievement in the field of Aviation Maintenance; to publish, distribute, and disseminate news, technical bulletins, journals, and other appropriate publications dealing with the trade of Aviation Maintenance; to collaborate with other organizations in aviation in the queries of governmental agencies pertaining to maintenance rules and guidelines. 



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