John Duncan provides a still picture of the Flight Standards Organization in transition

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Flight Standards in Transition

Some confusion as to WHO, WHERE and HOW

John Duncan draws picture of Organization NOW

FAA Updates—transitions

Margaret Gilligan retires from FAA having laid sound foundations for a proactive, consistent & dynamic safety culture

Two Important News Stories on the way to the new Aviation Safety Cornerstone

It’s a new Flight Standards Service- here’s how the CHANGE is being managed

Change, Change, Change is coming to Flight Standards, for better

New FAA Compliance Policy a Sea Change from Enforcement—10 Forcing Elements


Since 2012, the Senior Executives of the FAA Flight Standards have been revising the philosophy for achieving the highest levels of safety. The above abbreviated list of links traces some of that transition. The leaders are establishing a new data-driven methodology to surveil the performances of the regulated, a new approach of compliance and cooperation and a new organization to manage these new approaches.

John Duncan, who has been the Executive Director of the Flight Standards organization, has been promoted to the Deputy Associate Administrator of Flight Standards. His last contribution to FAA Safety Briefing, is a column Jumpseat, entitled  “Where does the FAA fit in Safety Assurance, Safety Promotion.” John does an excellent job defining and explaining the three major teams:








Having watched the development of this new functional organization from the outside and having been a little perplexed by the series of announcements, Mr. Duncan’s consolidated explanation is most useful.



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