JetBlue’s new President and COO, Ms. Geraghty, is a great promotion

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JetBlue Announces Senior Leadership Changes

New COO, President is Joanna Geraghty

Lawyer, HR, Customer Service

SMS in past and future

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May 18, 2018

Joanna Geraghty Appointed President & COO

JetBlue Airways Corp.  announced it has named Joanna Geraghty to president and chief operating officer. She will report to Robin Hayes, who will remain chief executive officer.

Ms. Geraghty will manage

  • the day-to-day airline operation, focusing on efforts to deliver a leading customer service experience,
  • execute key structural cost initiatives and enhance operational performance,


  • oversee JetBlue’s commercial team, led by Marty St. George, JetBlue’s executive vice president, commercial and planning.

Geraghty joined JetBlue in 2005 and was most recently executive vice president, customer experience, responsible for delivering the JetBlue experience to millions of customers annually through her leadership of 15,000 customer-facing crewmembers.

She served as executive vice president, chief people officer from 2010-2014 and was previously the airline’s vice president and associate general counsel and director of litigation and regulatory affairs. Geraghty is president of the JetBlue Foundation and chairperson of the board of Concern Worldwide, an international not for profit. Prior to joining JetBlue she was a partner at a New York law firm.

Geraghty received her undergraduate degree from the College of the Holy Cross and her master’s in international relations and juris doctor from Syracuse University.

The COO is well qualified for two of Jet Blue’s biggest challenges:

  1. The integration of the Eero Saarinen TWA terminal as a hotel incorporated in the JetBlue gate complex. Nothing is more disruptive to airline operations than on-site construction. However, once in place, the complex will attract business to this historic destination.

TWA terminal old and new

A rare Airport Asset, a beautiful terminal, is saved with a Win/Win solution by the PANYNJ

  1. Geraghty’s roots at Jet Blue trace back to his positions as vice president and associate general counsel and director of litigation and regulatory affairs. She has hands on experience with SMS chartsSafety Management Systems in her legal jobs. While JetBlue has a great start to this disciple, SMS demands constant dedication to the Safety Culture. This COO is well versed in this regimen and should assure the company’s continued commitment remains at a high level. This collage shows how much the Safety Culture is embedded in the company, even on the walls.







JetBlue has selected an excellent leader who has the resume to well manage her assignments.

Joanna Geraghty  and team























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