JDA Associate is Appointed AOA-1.1

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ARTICLE: Secretary Foxx names John Goglia new Administrator


Secretary Foxx announced that he had decided to name the Honorable John Goglia as the FAA Administrator. Mr. Goglia will be the first administrator, who actually worked maintaining aircraft.

The Secretary was also impressed that John was a Member of the National Transportation Safety Bored where he led many accident investigations, authored many findings of maybe/probably caused and provided numerous insights into aviation from the underside of airplanes. Anyway, Secretary Foxx said, “John is writing four or five OpEd opinions on how the FAA should be run as well as appearing on every network where he’s telling us what to do. Why not just put him in the office over at 800 Independence Avenue and save time for his wisdom to arrive there.”

Mr. Goglia noted that Administrator Huerta has more than four years remaining on his term; to which the Secretary foxily said, “It will not hurt to have two guys at the top of the 50,000 employees. John and Mike can work it out. Maybe more of the delayed NPRMs and ridiculously late NextGen contracts will be issued on time NOW.” As there is no limit to the range of John’s expertise, his appointment will be interminable. Sort of like being born on February 29th of a leap year allows some latitude in interpreting how old you are, being appointed on April 1 creates similar liberality in determining what his term/authority really is. The new Co-Administrator said that “He’s torqued to move to the 10th Floor. “

Congratulations, John and GOOD LUCK, Mike.

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