Interesting Initiative to Fund Airports may Merit Replication

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ARTICLE: New Nevada license plate helps fund rural airports

092713bStates that become involved in funding local infrastructure tend to sponsor projects which eventually become successful. Governments and the populace which dedicate local dollars to aviation projects tend to “buy into” the value of such investments.

Nevada has taken this principle to a second iteration. This initiative directs a portion of the premium for the “Sky is the Limit” license plates for investment in rural airports. The concept was conceived by the Nevada Airports Association.

The premise is that pilots, airport professionals and people who work in aviation will choose to pay the added fee to support this infrastructure spending. That “investment” by individuals will translate into interest in the development of these airports, i.e. they are more likely to closely monitor the disbursements of the Nevada Airports Trust Fund. Once built, those who contributed to the facilities’ development are more likely to use them.

This represents true “grassroots” support for aviation. If it works, it would be a good model to replicate in other states.

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