Interesting Efforts to draw Women to becoming Pilots

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ARTICLE:Va events aim to introduce women to aviation

ARTICLE: Amelia Earhart Set To Complete Round-the-world Flight


The original Amelia Earhart did a lot to promote the role of women in aviation with her several major long distance flights. Pancho Barnes and Anne Murrow Lindbergh were also exceptional pilots of that era. The roster of aviatrixes now includes an increasing number of women who occupy the cockpits of military and commercial aircraft.

Virginia has initiated a program to grow the numbers of women who comprise only the existing 6% of the US pilot rosters. Their 2013 events attracted 370 potential female participants and this year’s shows will hopefully attract more. AOPA has enlisted Patty Wagstaff and her charismatic personality as well as her flying style should draw women to this profession and passion.

Coincidentally, at EBACE it was announced that Pilatus, Inmarsat, Honeywell, Satcom and the ITU are sponsoring Amelia Rose Earhart’s flight around the world. [The tallest person standing in front of the Pilatus 12 NG is Ms. Earhart.] In today’s media rich society, the stories should generate much coverage and in turn, inspire other women to fly.

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