The Inglorious Last Flight of the Glorious B-727

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Boeing’s famous trijet 727 makes last commercial flight

Successful plane was compromise of 3 airline requirements

Iran Aseman Airlines  operated last flight

from Zahedan to Tehran

The Boeing 727 was designed to meet three customers:

  • United wanted a 4 engine plane to reach high-altitude airports,
  • American ordered an efficient 2 engine plane
  • Eastern demanded a 3 engine jet so that it could fly its Caribbean overwater flights

Pratt & Whitney was selling its new JT8D engine. Though heavier, its thrust helped meet the short runway criteria as well as the high altitude term. The trijet’s high lift wings contributed to the successful design.


first landing of N7001U at Paine Field on February 9, 1963 –





The 727-100 first flew in February 1963 and Eastern was the first customer to fly, February 1964. The 727 became a mainstay of airlines’ domestic route networks and was also used on short- and medium-range international routes. Passenger, freighter, and convertible versions of the 727 were built.

1B-727 line

The production line was shut down after a total of 471 Boeing 727s were in commercial service with 23 airlines.

1B727 Close up of the first Boeing 727 cockpi

The first B727 cockpit.




The not so glorious end—with Iran Aseman Airlines | هواپیمایی آسمان | خرید آنلاین بلیت,  the country’s third largest scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. Certainly, the end of the air carrier food chain.

1B727 aseman landing



B727 aseman interior


The final Boeing 727 commercial aircraft to carry passengers has made its last flight.

Operated by Iran Aseman Airlines, flight EP851 did a two-hour domestic route from Zahedan to Tehran’s Mehrabad International Airport on Sunday 13 January (612 miles).

The jet itself was a 38-year-old Boeing 727-200 Advanced, and was the last to be flown as a passenger plane with a commercial airline.


Journalist Babak Taghvaee tweeted a video of the final flight, writing: “EP-ASB was going to be retired this evening but was called to log another flight prior to her retirement tonight. This is the world’s last passenger carrier Boeing 727.”

The 727’s use as a commercial aircraft has dwindled over the last two decades, as airlines find it much more cost-effective to fly twin-engine jets that use fuel more efficiently.

However, although Sunday marked its final commercial flight, the aircraft model is still used to transport freight, with some even used to operate charter flights or as private planes for government officials.


Where retired airplanes go—



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  1. Nevertheless, when the last 747 goes to retirement in the desert, someone will fly an old DC-9 out to pick up the 747 crew and take them home. (No, I never liked DC-9s, except Muse Air’s MD-80s.)

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