Incredible mini UAS development creates VERY exciting commercial opportunities

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Technology portends to be a challenge for the efforts of the FAA to regulate UAVs. As new inventions come on line (i.e. a robust sense and avoid instrument), Part 107 may have to be amended to recognize advances in safety protections which may justify more expansive rules. The Lily, above, does not pose a challenge to the proposed regulatory structure. It may, however, pose problems for those concerned with privacy.

The Lily is a 3.8 pound (1.3 kilograms) quadcopter which maxes out at 25 mph. Its max altitude is 50’. Its operating limits are no greater than 110’ from the user and no less than 5’ from the person. The Lily’s dimensions are a 10.29 inch square with a 3.22” height.  Its sensors include an accelerometer, a three-axis gyro, a magnetometer, a barometer, a GPS, a front-facing camera and a bottom-facing camera. You MUST watch the demo video of the Lily which is part of the linked website!

It is more of a camera than a UAS with video resolution: 1080p 60 fps / 720p 120 fps, a video FOV: 94º, video format: H.264 codec, .mp4 file format, photo resolution: 12 MP, digital gimballing, image stabilization and fixed focus. That’s a powerful eye in the sky.

No controller is required; you just throw it up and it follows the Tracker where ever it goes per the above operating parameters—


All of these technical limits should/may ultimately receive minimal FAA regulatory oversight because the kinetic energy of this aircraft poses minimal risks to persons and property. The privacy experts may find the Lily as a potentially invasive instrument to invade the inner sanctums of individuals.

From an operator or hobbyist perspective, “it’s the bomb” as the kids would say. Such innovation may create as many primary and secondary uses as the idea of overnight deliveries as conceived of by Fred Smith in his Yale thesis.

ARTICLE: Lily Offers a Self-Flying Camera

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