Implementation of Senator Inhofe’s Reform of FAA Enforcement raises questions as to what will be included in the 2nd Bill of Rights

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ARTICLE: NTSB implements Pilot’s Bill of Rights


Senator Inhofe’s legislation to balance the FAA enforcement process has been of significant interest since its passage in the Congress. As AOPA has reported, the NTSB has converted the statute into regulatory rules which will control future appeals to its Administrative Law Judges and the Board. It will be fascinating to see how the FAA Flight Standards and Chief Counsel Offices will respond to these protections of pilots in the enforcement proceedings.

Equally compelling will be the announcement of Inhofe II; what will be included in the Senator’s 2nd Bill of Rights? Will there be additional protections? Will the next Bill extend beyond pilots to other certificate holders— Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, P121/135, repair stations, OEMs?

In an interesting interview with AOPA, Senator Inhofe revealed that he has a special relationship with Secretary Foxx; might the 2nd Bill of Rights have the Secretary a co-sponsor?

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