Iconic Powerplant Registers 50 years and a host of most impressive numbers!!!

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ARTICLE: P&W’s JT8D Engine Turns Half A Century Old
Nearly 15,000 Have Been Built, 1,800 Still Flying

jt8dAviation history is frequently chronicled here. Recently a post on the Beechcraft’s King Air was included here. Lindbergh’s many accomplishments, the role of women in aviation and just the recollection of people and planes which have defined our past have been chronicled.

It is indeed fitting to highlight a work horse jet engine which has powered many civil and military aircraft. It is truly amazing that a single design was introduced to service in 1964 and with multiple upgrades and modifications still is thrusting five decades later. Its company of origin estimates that 1,800 engines are still on wing. Pratt & Whitney forecasts that this turbine will continue in service until 2024 or 2029. The UTC company also announced that 14,750 JT8D engines were manufactured, accounting for more than half a billion hours of service. The replacement parts for the blades, vanes and other parts must number into the billions! The linked article includes a host of other interesting tidbits about this iconic powerplant.


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