ICAO move from Montreal to Doha. Really?

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ARTICLE: Qatar wants to host world aviation group



The oil rich country of Qatar, ruled by an Emir, already operates Qatar Airways, with its fleet of 122 aircraft (60 B-787s on order and launch customer for the A-350), now wants to bring the International Civil Aviation Organization to its isthmus. ICAO has been in Montreal since its formation and has been a good host to its complement of international aviation representatives.

Qatar’s pitch to move the UN body from Montreal to the Middle East includes a slam on Canada’s cold weather and its distance from Asia and Europe. They do not mention that Doha will experience temperatures exceeding 80° all year and 100° for June to September.

The Emir sweetened the pot with an offer of a free building and ZERO % taxes on all of the ICAO employees. The Government of Canada has made it clear that they intend to fight to keep this revered institution in Montreal. They successfully defended against an attempt by Singapore to steal ICAO to Asia.

Note: Qatar has “bought” the football World Cup venue in 2022 by investing in infrastructure.

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