IATA Director General’s Speech defines Path of Greatest Security for Airlines

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ARTICLE: Enhancing Security through Global Partnership

tsaIATA, the voice of the world’s airlines, spoke forcefully about what needs to be done to improve security on a global basis. The association’s Director General and CEO, Tony Tyler, spoke at AVSEC and pointed to three major themes:

• The importance of early collaboration between industry and government
• That the shift to a risk-based approach should be pursued more aggressively
• Security is best enhanced through a strengthened and harmonized global system—not adopting disparate regimes

Perhaps his most salient point is that each country, which participates in this global industry, must implement exacting standards, acknowledging that without such uniformity the weakest link was likely to be the inception point for terrorists.

Somewhat consistent with the principles of SMS, the Tyler vision relies heavily on analyzing data to identify risks and focusing the security attention on the practice or place which the numbers highlight as problematic. He stated as follows:

“Governments and industry can work together to make better use of the data collected. A good example is the Checkpoint of the Future initiative, which aims to improve the security and convenience of passenger screening by moving to a risk-based approach and adopting advanced technology. The flying public is eager to see the Checkpoint of Future deployed as quickly as possible. Stakeholders are aligned behind a staged implementation that will see the first versions in 2014. Subsequent stages will see us move from re-purposing equipment and using data more thoughtfully to the eventual deployment of new equipment in the final stage, around 2020.”

The IATA Secure Freight program was cited by Mr.Tyler as an example of how government and industry, relying on number analysis, can enhance the interdiction of security risks. The strength of this approach was the comprehensive nature of its application—throughout the supply chain.

The entire speech is well worth reading for it includes some interesting insights as to the future direction of this facet of the airlines’ security efforts. http://www.iata.org/pressroom/speeches/Pages/2013-11-05-01.aspx

[NOTE: the Microsoft cartoon of a TSA agent incorrectly includes a side arm.]

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