Congratulations to the HondaJet & THE FAA Certification Teams

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The gestation of a blank sheet jet from initial conception for final Type Certification is a major undertaking. According to the below Forbes article, the birth of the HondaJet consumed 30 years, nearly $2 billion, total flight testing of greater 3,000 hours at more than 70 locations across the United States. The project’s leader, CEO Michimasa Fujino, assembled a team of 1,500 people who designed, built and will service this new business jet, mostly on an 133 acre NC campus.


The HondaJet defines a new generation of aircraft in that the five-passenger aircraft can fly 483 mph. Those performance parameters are the result of unique design; its GE Honda HF120 engines are not part of the fuselage but are located above the wing on mounts. True to their Japanese engineering heritage, there are other aerodynamic innovations and a lightweight composite fuselage. Its range is 1,358 miles.

hondajet flight range

The first 100 have been sold reportedly, but if you have about $3,650,000, you may be able to reserve one for future delivery.

The article repeats Mr. Fujino’s praise of his employees who worked late at night and over weekends to meet the HondaJet’s schedule. There is, however, no mention of the FAA Certification engineers and regulatory staff, who also committed lots of hours to get the TC ready for signature. The Honda CEO might be well-advised to include these dedicated career public servants, who do not get paid for overtime, in his next 栄誉名簿 (honor roll).


ARTICLE HondaJet Creator’s Dream Comes True After 30 Years As FAA Gives Its Blessing To Fly

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