Highly Regarded NetJets Voluntarily Adopts SMS and Achieves Level III

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NetJets First To Reach New Safety Level

Only Private Aviation Company To Date To Achieve Level III of the FAA’s Safety Management System Pilot Program

There is a reason why Warren Buffet invests in companies like NetJets—they are well run, not just in their bottom line performance, but in how they perform in all relevant dimensions. Thus it is NOT surprising that NetJets is in the forefront of implementing SMS. Its Part 145 operation is the first such company to attain Level III in this discipline.

To do so, the company has completed thousands of hours of additional safety training for its entire employee roster, along with the implementation of SMS required review procedures which examine safety risks which the process identifies. The demanding discipline and involvement of every position potentially involved in safe operations consumes a lot of personnel time, but the senior management obviously sees that the return justifies the investment.

As noted in the article, the voluntary adoption of SMS (It is not yet required of Part 145 operators) is consistent with NetJets’ safety culture to exceed what the FAA mandates.

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