Ford’s Role in John Wayne Incident should not be overblown

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Harrison Ford’s John Wayne Airport Accident

Will likely serve as a platform for those who want to close or to limit airport operations

harrison ford aviation accidentGeneral Aviation accidents usually are not the stuff for national news or to be reported in
The New York Times, but when Harrison Ford is involved, the event attracts more interest than usual.

The facts are simple. A 74 year old pilot flying his single engine Aviat Husky, registered to GBH Aviation, was instructed by controllers at John Wayne Airport to land on runway 20L.

john wayne airport harrison ford

Approaching the airport (SNA) which has two runways from the SSE, the pilot confused a smaller, unmarked “road” used to taxi planes to/from gates/hangars to the runways with the Runway on the Left. The intended “landing strip” is 2,887’ x 75’, marked (including stripes indicating where the plane is on the length remaining) and lighting. None of those identifiers are on the taxiway.

john wayne airport diagram

The airspace around SNA is extremely complicated; so even a seasoned pilot must concentrate carefully to get to the runway.

california airport map

The Husky was flown onto the taxiway and the pilot has been quoted as saying, “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” Indeed, it was an American Airlines B-737.

This incident will likely serve as a platform for those, who want to close or to limit John Wayne’s operations, to renew their campaigns. Surely, the folks at SMO will cite Mr. Ford’s taxiway landing as another reason to close the Santa Monica Airport. Aviation professionals should be prepared to respond to such calumny.

For clearly, this case:

  • should not allow the FAA to refer back to Ford’s poor flying in Air Force One.

Just saying.


F.A.A. Investigates Errant Flight Involving Harrison Ford


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4 Comments on "Ford’s Role in John Wayne Incident should not be overblown"

  1. Should not the headline have stated “Incident” rather than “Accident”? This is the type of misrepresentation in the Headline that should be avoided.

  2. Greg Markwardt | February 16, 2017 at 5:13 pm | Reply

    It’s odd after listening to the tapes Ford was cleared to land on 1L. I guess he flew an entire pattern and came around to land on 20L mistakenly? Or is it you don’t have the “simple” facts straight yourself?

  3. I am quite sure, if the pilot involved was not Mr Ford, it would have been a maybe flash on the local news of an incident. This poor guy had the terrible experience of engine failure on takeoff(this takes the smile off your face) a year or so ago and did probably as well as any could getting down but now the parasites want to dump all over him. Just a shame.

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