HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARSA, your aviation safety wisdom is beyond your years!

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It seems like only yesterday when a group of intrepid Part 145 operators gathered in Washington, DC to talk about having a voice in the aviation policy making world. Now, ARSA announces that it is 30 years old.

Trade associations run the gamut of skill sets; few are lean and mean with a strong technical expertise. Even fewer of the Aviation organizations get things done by applying that knowledge to the regulators. Only one or maybe two have the reputation for commanding the FARs better than the FAA. The group in Alexandria is one of that exclusive community.

This site tries to capture some of the best thinking about aviation safety regulatory matters and here are but a few of this group’s excellent pronouncements:

· ARSA’s Clarion Voice says it all on FAA P145 rule —“Killing a Flea with an Atomic Bomb”

· ARSA knows how to Advocate Aviation Safety

· Creating consistent FAR interpretations is a Very Daunting Task; go ARSA on its Single Resource!

Congratulations to members and Staff for creating a forceful voice on aviation safety matters!

ARTICLE: 30 Years of ARSA

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