Two good, green advances for Aviationpass it on!!!

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r1Aviation, rightly or wrongly, has a bad reputation among the green community. Consequently, at events like COP21, the environmentalists consider our business to be a prime target for CO² emission charges and other impositions. Plus President Obama’s administration recently floated limits on aviation emissions limits to be imposed on aviation, and the ICAO is convening a session to consider limits on carbon pollution in February 2016. The information searches for these green advocates appear to have a filter which screens out any good news from this sector.

Here are two impressive stories about significant advances in engine technology and biofuels. The main stream media does not appear to deem this news to be worthy of their publications; so PLEASE copy and share.


The first release is from CFM, a joint venture between GE Aviation and Snecma. The announcement is both an environmental and regulatory message. The Green news is as follows: “The engine will provide operators with double-digits improvement in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to today’s best CFM engine, along with dramatic reductions in engine noise and exhaust gaseous emissions.” The regulatory message is that dual original certification dual original certifications were granted by both EASA and the FAA. That’s impressive.


The second achievement involves United and Fulcrum BioEnergy. United announced a $30 million investment in one of that large producer of aviation biofuels, Fulcrum BioEnergy. Fulcrum developed an alchemist like process that converts municipal waste into sustainable aviation fuel. Fulcrum said its technology can cut an airline’s carbon emissions by 80 percent compared with traditional jet fuel.

The cleaner engine and the greener fuel translate to an industry reducing its CO² footprint.



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