Good News—the revised Part 23 is coming this year

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The below article heralds a major change in the schedule for promulgating the new, revised standards for determining whether an aircraft has a certificate to file. Why is this big news?

The current standards used to certificate general aviation aircraft (Part 23) are essentially the same as those employed to determine the airworthiness of the plane on the left. Industry, in particular the General Aviation Manufacturer Association, has worked with the FAA, among other CAAs, to replace the antiquated regulations with ones more appropriate for airplanes like the one on the right.

At a hearing last summer, the Associate Administrator of Aviation Safety testified that this NPRM would not be promulgated until 2017. Her answer to a question recognized that the industry ARC had done an excellent job of rewriting the rules. She also accepted that Congress had enacted the Small Airplane Revitalization Act mandated an earlier deadline. Her explanation was that the major alteration of the regulatory structure caused the FAA lawyers to do a line-by-line vetting.

Subsequently, there have been other hearings at which the FAA’s delays have been a major topic. At each such event, the Members have expressed their serious dismay at the tardiness.

At a Senate hearing, the Administrator expressed the good news—the Part 23 NPRM will be issued by the end of 2015!

ARTICLE: FAA Targets Later This Year for Part 23 Proposal

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