Forecasters predicted limited A-380 sales before it was built

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ARTICLE – Analysts: Future Of A380 In Doubt, Cites Cancelations, Lack Of New Orders

There is some history behind this prediction by analysts. The financial experts, who review financials and assess order book trend lines, are positing that this Airbus offering may have died a commercial death.

So to the background–the French and Airbus have been infuriated for decades that Boeing built the largest commercial airplane. That airplane envy, at least partially, drove them to build the A-380 to be the biggest such equipment.

At the time of the A-380’s creation, many airline forecasters were predicting that the economic model for hubs was dying as the delays associated with congestion diminished the efficiency. A large number of smaller aircraft are required to fly into and out of London, Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Chicago and Tokyo to provide the collected traffic for the A-380’s girth. The need for a monstrous airplane was doubted by these experts on a technical scheduling basis.

Another source of negativity were the passengers who would prefer nonstop flights over the mess of connecting at hubs. The existing aircraft were not designed for long haul, thinner markets.

Boeing created the B-787, an aircraft which through its combination of technological advancements (new lighter, stronger materials; powerplants of greater thrust with lower dead weight and less fuel consumption) made the operation of narrow bodies between secondary points much more efficient.

Understanding where passenger preferences are moving, identifying technologies which provide greater efficiencies and understanding the future of airport operations are better elements of aircraft design than the need to be bigger, n’est pas?

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