First Landmark of Historic Aerial Accident should inspire Aviation Safety Professionals

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ARTICLE: Grand Canyon air crash site is new U.S. landmark–but you can’t visit

In an age when the collection of massive amounts of current data provides reliable trends on which future preventative safety actions can be based, it is fair to minimize the value of retroactive views in the pursuit of aviation safety. That said, we should not forget the sad incidents of the past and the lessons which those tragedies gave to improve safety then. To ignore those horrible, but important, moments would diminish the passion, vigor and energy which each aviation professional must bring to her/his fervent pursuit of higher levels of safety performance.

This Los Angeles Times article is a good look back to almost 60 years ago when this collision of a Trans World Airlines Super Constellation L-1049 and a United Airlines DC-7 caused such a public outcry that the Congress enacted significant legislation. As one reflects on the establishment of the modern FAA and enhanced ATC, it should inspire each of us to implement the best NextGen possible.

Thank you, Interior Secretary Jewel for creating this first landmark for an event which occurred in air. Ironically, this site cannot be visited by foot under the National Park Service rules; your only views would have to be by air.

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