FAA, what’s up in STANCHFIELD, MN?

faa stanchfield
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Why an FAA investigation?

News: “U.S. Navy 630 bi-plane experienced engine failure while flying from Duluth to Anoka on the way home from an air show. The 61-year-old pilot from Shorewood told them he realized he needed to make an emergency landing. He attempted to land in a soybean field but the plane was traveling too fast to stop safely. Instead, he flew over some power lines and came down hard in an unplanted field, crushing the landing gear and coming to rest on the plane’s belly.”

A fairly straightforward accident, an engine failure, no injuries, no prominent persons involved and literally in the middle of a cornfield—hardly the factors calling for an FAA investigation. The FAA suffers from more work than its staff can handle. In fact, that problem is one of the reasons why senior management has been compelled to implement SMS and SAS.

Just seemed an anomaly—anyone have some information which explains this odd use of staff?


ARTCLE : FAA to investigate classic plane crash
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