FAA has two well qualified Political Appointees on board

faa Political Appointees board
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FAA Political Appointees

Greg Martin & Charles M. Trippe, Jr.

The FAA is a 50,000 employee organization which receives its political guidance from seven Schedule C appointees. The team now has four members of the executive team. Administrator Huerta serves by statute until early 2018. Assistant Administrator for Government and Industry Affairs Chris C. Brown and Deputy Administrator Elwell were the first to arrive.

greg martin assistant administrator for communications FAA Political AppointeesAbout the same time Greg Martin was appointed Assistant Administrator for Communications in May 2016. He is an alumnus of 800 Independence Ave., having served in a communications role 2002-2006. His aviation work included time with the National Transportation Safety Board before his FAA stint. Mr. Martin’s career in this field extends over 30 years. At General Motors, he was Executive Director for Global Public Policy and also Executive Director, Communications Strategy and News Operation.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Communications from Mount St. Mary’s University, Emmitsburg, MD. His seasoned voice will be a big plus for the all too visible safety organization.

charles trippe dot chief counsel FAA Political AppointeesThe most recent addition is Charles M. Trippe, Jr. His predecessor had a long list of legal assignments and though he labored hard, the Chief Counsel has a full inbox. As noted recently upon the confirmation of the DoT General Counsel, to whom Mr. Trippe has a dotted line reporting line, the FAA has some work to resurrect the due deference which the courts have provided to its administrative actions.

The new Chief Counsel has impressive academic credentials having received his J.D. degree from Columbia Law School and his A.B. degree from Columbia College (cum laude) in 1979, after having participated in the Accelerated Interdisciplinary Legal Education Program of Columbia University. After escaping from Morningside Heights, he worked his way to partnership with a NYC law firm. He also held senior legal positions at CSX Transportation. Again, he was a partner in a law firm there before and after a short term as General Counsel to the Executive Office of Governor Rick Scott. He has extensive litigative experience so he should provide great direction to his staff of lawyers.

Yet to be filled by the White House Office of Presidential Personnel, the Administrator, the Assistant Administrator Policy, International Affairs & Environment and Associate Administrator of Airport.


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