Great example of how Internet Training may help the FAA create global influence for its Safety Standards

faa online training
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American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) is one of the most entrepreneurial trade associations ever. A recent “Memorandum of Training Partnership,” agreed to among AAAE, IAAE and Quiport Corporación (Quiport) in Ecuador, operator of Mariscal Sucre International Airport will enhance the airport employees’ technical expertise, but also extend the influence of the FAA’s safety regime around the globe.

faa online training

As noted in the AAAE press release, its training will include a four-day on-site Airport Safety and OperationsTraining Workshop based on ICAO standards and a four-to five-hour online safety and operations certification program.

The FAA has an Aviation Cooperation Program and its goals include:

  • facilitate and coordinate U.S. government and aviation industry training and technical cooperation to avoid duplication and promote synergy;
  • increase awareness of U.S. technology, product standards, procedures and services that will assist countries in developing its aviation infrastructure;
  • promote safer operations and more efficient management in the aviation sector; and
  • foster a long-term working relationships between the U.S. aviation community and counterparts in foreign countries.

[emphasis added]

It is recognized that Congress inexplicably has limited the FAA’s ability to extend US aviation presence, also known by the illicit word “promote.” It is also known that EASA/EU has announced its intention to become apostles of its regulatory regime and not so subtly, the European aerospace products. Given this threat and its limitations, the FAA should consider a campaign to encourage the distribution of training of its regulations and standards via the easy-to-export, cheaper cost to the foreign government users internet education.faa online training

The current higher level of pedagogical techniques assures that the critical information is delivered. This more sophisticated educational medium is more conducive to learning—

  • the student moves through the material at her/his rate of comprehension;
  • the course is available 24/7/365; so the professional can access the material when time allows and his/her productivity is maintained;
  • the internet asset is more than a Q&A process, but includes a library of supporting materials which the leaner may choose to study if a particular subject requires more knowledge in order to understand and/or command the details and nuances; and
  • while anyone seeking US certification will take the test in the required English, its use for purely foreign purposes can be provided in that country’s language.

This sort of approach should be attractive to the FAA’s International Mission and seems suitable for the US State Department’s Trade and Development Agency.

To reiterate, the beauty of this internet training concept is that it delivers high quality learning of the FAA standards at a low cost.


ARTICLE: AAAE/IAAE Sign Major Training Agreement With Ecuadorian Airport Authority New Training Will Significantly Expand International Presence, Improve Airport Operations
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