FAA initiates process to add COEs to the daunting task of regulating UASs

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ARTICLE: FAA Plans Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems


The FAA has had great success with developing useful information for aviation through its Centers of Excellence (COEs). More than 75 universities/COEs, since 1990 authorization, have developed useful information for aviation and space including policy, guidance and overall safety improvements in many areas. Following that formula, the FAA has announced a competition for universities to become “think tanks” for the exploding UAS world.

The world of unmanned aerial systems is moving in a number of academically based research directions—propulsion, design, see-and-avoid systems, ATC-operator links and the applications which can be used on these vehicles. The incredibly complex arena of privacy might be a very efficacious area for the FAA to rely on scholars in these COEs.

It will be interesting to see what these COEs develop for the UAS regulation and operation.

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