FAA on bringing Safety Culture to GA

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Risk Based Safety Management is coming to GA

Resources and Tools designed for Individuals

Safety Briefing has exceptional articles on this subject

The introduction of the FAA’s Risk Based Safety Management (RBSM) has devolved from the larger operators with greater resources down to the general aviation community. The tools mentioned below are designed to allow the individuals to benefit from the preventative advice which the data identifies.







The FAA has articulated a multi-dimensional strategy to support the GA initiative. One of those efforts involved the formation of the GA Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) and that group created the National General Aviation Flight Information Database (NGAFID). This application is part of Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS), which, in turn, is national resource for use in discovering common, systemic safety problems that span multiple operators, fleets, and regions of the airspace.

To these resources, the FAA Safety Briefing added two very informative articles about Safety Culture:

FAA on GA Safety Culture





The GA community should find these tools and words useful. A further reduction in these flights’ risk.


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