FAA ATC recruiting executives should listen to Sen. Bond

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Former Senator Bond took the time to write a cogent piece about the FAA’s disruption of its traditional standards for hiring of air traffic controllers. He details why the FAA’s change is unsound. The FAA should listen and consider going back to the previous criteria and process.

For unknown reasons, the FAA decided to abandon the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative Program (AT-CTI). That program encouraged individuals interested in becoming a controller to enroll in classes at academic institutions offering specialized training. The graduates earned a degree and effort received some credit from the FAA.

The new FAA air traffic controller-training program, the Air Traffic Controller Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS) was based, according to reports, on a psychological testing that would somehow predict good controller skills.

In response to the severe criticisms, the FAA has abandoned its ATCOTS, but has not endorsed AT-CTI base. That, as noted by Sen. Bond, is not very encouraging. A number of academic institutions and students have invested research/curriculum development and tuition, respectively. The FAA should not abandon these resources.

It is well-documented that there are pressing needs to hire controllers. This is no time for the FAA to minimize the availability of pools of talent, especially from tested sources.

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