FAA agreement with Kenya Civil Aviation Authority makes SENSE

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Kenya signs new aviation training deal with U.S. Gov’t


Africa will see great Aviation Growth

Kenya has expressed interest in support and the US has been there

Great decision to put US Flag in Kenya

Kenya has signed a new aviation training deal with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In the agreement, the East African School of Aviation (EASA) will become the latest FAA training venue in Africa for teaching Flight Safety Inspector courses.

“EASA is not just a training venue but a partner in Aviation training.

“Initially, the courses will be delivered by FAA staff but eventually local capacity to deliver the courses will be built through Train the Trainers program,” said Capt. Gilbert M Kibe, Director General, KCAA.

The signing of the training agreement also signifies Kenya’s commitment to the growth and development of Civil Aviation together with improving Flight Safety in Africa, he added.

Capt. Gilbert M Kibe and the FAA Deputy Administrator Carl Burleson penned the new deal on Friday.

With them were Eng. Joseph Nkadayo (KCAA Board Chaiman), Capt. Tom Ogenche (Director Aviation Safety Security and Regulations) as well as Charity Musila (Director Air Navigation Services).

The deal was signed at the FAA headquarters in Washington DC ahead of the arrival of Kenya Airways KQ002 at the JFK Airport in New York on October 29, 2018

The FAA’s signing an agreement with an East African country is newsworthy, why? Administrator Huerta chose the Caribbean Basin as an area for priority attention for aviation assistance.  Its proximity justifies some aid, but as measured by economic growth and aviation potential suffers particularly compared to Africa.


Africa, on the other hand, has been marked by the World Bank as having a very positive future (3rd among the continents). ICAO has urged that its Members assist in the growth

of the continent’s aviation infrastructure. The airlines of these countries forecast a strong need for training of its professionals. Twenty-three African states, including South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, have launched a single aviation market–Single African Air Transport Market– in a bid to boost connectivity, reduce fares and stimulate economic growth on a continent widely considered the most expensive and inconvenient to fly around.

It is easy to conclude that Africa poses the #1 aviation opportunity for the FAA! There are several collateral and historical reasons to emphasize this resource rich land mass. Kenya has already signaled that it needs and would welcome assistance.

Oddly enough, Kenya has been the recipient of US support—the source: the NTSB and the Managing Director of the NTSB, Dennis Jones. He has been at the forefront of bringing the US aviation safety knowledge to Africa. He appears to have started this effort as early as 2007, when he as , a senior NTSB air safety investigator,  was embedded with the Kenyan Air Accident Investigation Department.








Kenya and the EASA appear to be an excellent investment of US tax dollars. Good job, Deputy Administrator Burleson.

































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